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Punk Rock Resurrection Page 5

by Jenna Galicki

  While Angel and Alyssa engaged in conversation, Damien’s eyes went to Alyssa’s skin tight leggings. Now that she wasn’t sitting on the stool or standing facing him, he could see that they hugged her ass like they were painted on. She had a tight, round, little butt, and it took all of Damien’s willpower not to bend over and bite it. His dick started jumping in his pants again. He held his hand out to Angel. “Sorry, brother, we gotta split.”

  Angel pulled him in for a one-shoulder hug, then kissed Alyssa on the cheek. “It was very nice to meet you. I hope to see you again soon.”

  Jimmy kissed her hand. “It was my pleasure to meet such a beautiful lady. Enjoy the rest of your night.” He winked his approval at Damien.

  “Where are we going? I was having a nice conversation with your singer about my eyeliner.” Alyssa was teasing him again. She knew exactly where they were going.

  Alyssa lived in a prime section of Williamsburg, coincidentally not far from Angel’s apartment. It was a gothic paradise. Shades of deep gray and black were the colors that dominated the décor. Gargoyle statues stood guard in every room and dragons sat on shelves ready to swoop down with open wings. Damien was in awe. “Did you do all this yourself?”

  “My mom helped me . . . but I really don’t want to talk about my mother right now.” She stood with her hands on her hips and her legs shoulder-width apart. Her suggestive eyes gazed at him through seductive hooded lids, and her blood red lips drew back into a provocative grin.

  Damien’s mind went blank. All thoughts eluded him and were replaced by one single notion. He needed to taste the dark beauty before him. He advanced toward her, eradicating the space between them in a fraction of a second.

  She held his stare while she peeled the cropped leather jacket from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. His eyes grazed her body. She was wearing a black leather bustier over skin-tight leggings and those sexy as fuck thigh-high boots with six inch heels. All she needed was a whip. She flipped her long black hair off her shoulders and stood perfectly still. Her breasts overflowed the corseted top now that they were no longer shielded by the jacket, and Damien had the perfect vantage point to see the narrow gully in the center of her chest. When his eyes traveled back up to her face, her raised brows questioned his next move.

  He dug his fingers into her tiny waist and jerked her body into his. His erection hit her just above the crotch, and she rubbed against it.

  She placed her hands on his shoulders and drew in a quick breath. “I thought you were kidding when you used the word huge earlier.”

  “I never kid.” He brought his mouth down on hers and drank in the delicious flavor of her lips. Their tongues wrestled with one another and wouldn’t stay within the confines of their mouths. He licked her neck and bit into her bare shoulder, causing a small gasp to escape her lips. His fingers tangled in her hair, and it drove a sweet floral scent into his nostrils. He was high on her perfume, but it was his hormones that were wreaking havoc in his jeans.

  Alyssa threw her head and shoulders back, offering her breasts, while holding onto his neck. The palm of her hand guided his mouth to her cleavage, and his tongue found the sweet spot in the center. It was a tight crevice, and Damien couldn’t get rid of the image of his cock finding that gully.

  Her fingernails dug into his back while one of her knees rested on his hip, pulling him closer. She clung to him and let out a slight moan. “Let’s go into the bedroom,” she whispered, “where we can have more fun.” She took his hand and led the way. Every few steps she’d glance back at him, sending her hair fanning around her.

  He watched her ass while he followed her. It was perfect. Two inches of exposed skin was visible above her waistband, revealing colorful flowers across her lower back. He ran his thumb across the graphics that adorned her soft flesh, and she sent him a vexing smile over her shoulder.

  Once in the bedroom, Damien pulled his shirt over his head and deposited it on the end of the bed. Alyssa’s eyes were focused on his chest and moved lower. He thought she was studying his tattoos, but when she placed her lips on one of his pecs and her fingertips traced the outline of his abs, he knew she was admiring his body.

  He was obsessed with her lips. They were plump and full, and always covered in a deep red pigment. He lifted her chin and caught her mouth in his. Her skin was as soft as silk and delicate under his large hands. They covered her bare shoulders, ran through her long hair and across her upper back.

  Her fingers crawled over his chest and behind his neck. Her mouth never left his lips while he slowly opened the zipper down her back, careful not to catch her long hair. The bustier came away from her body like a black leather eggshell, and she took a step back to show off her naked breasts. They were full, held high on her ribcage, perky and voluptuous. Two bright pink nipples, adorned with large silver rings, stared back at him. He cupped them in both of his hands, pushed them together and lowered his mouth to them. He licked the gap in the center that he’d been admiring all night, and it tasted as sweet as her lips.

  She pulled at his belt and the button of his jeans. They fell open with little resistance, and his erect cock popped out. Underwear wasn’t part of his wardrobe. She took his cock in the palm of her hand and ran her fingernails over the shaft. Her touch was light at first, just scraping his skin. It was a sensual stroke, first over the top, then up the bottom, then she clawed at the head. She was testing him, and he sighed his approval. “Harder,” he whispered. He wanted to feel her nails on him, like he was being mauled by a tigress tearing into her prey and hungry for the kill.

  She curled her fingertips into the base of his cock, and he let out a small gasp. She stopped and waited for him to recover. He nodded for her to continue. With his engorged cock in the palm of one hand, she dug the fingers of her other hand into his flesh and scraped them along the length of his shaft all the way to the tip. A fingernail toyed with the opening, separating the tender membrane within. Damien had never been touched there before. It was an odd feeling, and his knees buckled before he caught himself. It was different and invasive, but it was an erotic shock to his system.

  The evil grin was back on Alyssa’s lips. “I’m going to have fun with you.”

  All the breath vacated Damien’s lungs. Alyssa was a devil in the flesh – a sinister queen of the night. He waited his whole life to meet a woman like her.

  “Strip down and lie on the rug.”

  “Yes ma’am.” The eagerness in his voice was replicated in the swiftness in which he pulled off his boots and jeans. He settled into the center of the plush rug that was in front of the bed, wondering what was in store. His legs were wide open and his cock was standing tall, tingling with anticipation. He could hardly lie still, but his body was always under his control.

  She walked around him in a slow circle. Each stiletto heel crossed foot over foot while she stared down at him.

  He wondered if she had a plan, or if she was contemplating her next move.

  Reaching over the bed, she threw him a pillow, which he promptly tucked under his head. She rested one foot on the edge of the bedframe and slowly unzipped her boot an inch at a time. Her movements were precise and calculated as the zipper of the other boot made a slow descent.

  He really wanted her to keep them on, but more than anything else, he wanted to feel her body on top of him. He wanted to possess her, consume her, and make her cry his name when she came.

  She rolled down her leggings and the tiny thong that covered her hips, and tossed them onto the floor. Before he could fully take in her naked body, she sat on the bed and stuffed her feet back into her thigh-high boots.

  Damien’s hormones were raging. His lower half was tingling, begging for release, but he fought the urge to touch himself.

  After both boots were back on her legs, Alyssa strutted to the nightstand and pulled out several baby wipes. Interest and curiosity made Damien sit up on one elbow. What the hell was she doing now?

  Alyssa sat on the edge of the
bed and wiped down the soles of each boot. She approached him and pushed his shoulder down with her heel. Its sharp point poked Damien just below the collarbone and sent a hot surge of adrenaline through his body. She resumed walking in a circle around him. Her hands were on her hips, her head was held high, and her hair swung with each step. She turned to face him when she reached his feet and kicked his ankles together. With one foot on either side of his legs, she slowly walked forward. When she reached his chest, she stopped, pulled her hair off her breasts, and let it fall down her back. With her hands on her hips, eyes straight ahead, and her shoulders back, she waited while he inspected her body.

  She was tall and her legs were long. Her hips were narrow and her waist was firm. A neat little landing strip of dark pubic hair adorned the area between her legs. Her body called to him, and he couldn’t wait any longer to answer. He reached up, grabbed her behind the knees and pulled her toward him, but a boot on his chest pushed him back down. He landed on the rug with an “oof” and a smile.

  The heel of her boot was poised on his chest, holding him prisoner. She dug the stiletto into his pectoral muscle and twirled her foot in a semi-circle. The slender heel dug into his flesh like corkscrew. A sharp pain pierced his skin and made his cock jump. She was driving him mad. She knew what he liked without asking. His breathing came in short gusts as her heel traced a line down his stomach. She took a step backwards so she was standing with her legs straddling his hips. She leaned forward and rested one hand on her knee, while she pressed her heel into his abs. He hoped there’d be a mark tomorrow, so he could re-live this moment when he saw it. She tentatively wiggled her boot lower until the heel was just above his cock. He held his breath. He wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but whatever it was, he was ready.

  Damien’s eyes fluttered behind his lids, and he tilted his head back. His arms and legs were stretched to the sides. He was naked and vulnerable with her stiletto heel toying with the delicate area at the base of his cock. His entire body was tingling with anticipation. How low was she taking that heel? How deep was she going to press it into his flesh? She was in complete control, and he was at her mercy. She could easily injure him, but he trusted her completely.

  She increased the pressure of the spiked heel, a little at a time, and then stopped. “Yes?” Her sinful eyes burned into his.

  “Oh, yes. Yes. Yes.” He bit his lip and moaned.

  She scraped the heel in a circle around the base of his cock so it was just above his sac. She paused and waited for his reaction.


  A sinister grin spread across her lips as she calmly dug her heel deeper.

  Damien’s shoulders jolted off the rug. It wasn’t from pain or fear. She didn’t touch either one of his testicles, but somewhere just above them. It was the surprise and the pressure that rocked him. His dick was swollen and weeping, and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he erupted, hopefully on her gorgeous black boot. He nodded for her to continue.

  It was amazing how she balanced herself on one foot. If she fell, she could easily impale him, but she was in complete control of all parameters. She used his cock for leverage and leaned the sole of her boot against it, while her spiked heel threatened to skewer the most vulnerable part of his body.

  “Still, OK?” She was cautious, yet aggressive.

  An erotic sigh mixed with his words. “Better than OK. Fuckin’ incredible.”

  She kept her hands on her hips. Occasionally she’d stretch one arm out for balance, but she never faltered. She wiggled the stiletto around his scrotum. It hit one ball and bounced off the other, then settled in the middle and dug into his sac. A short pain shot into his abdomen, but it was quickly replaced by a hot tingle that reverberated around his lower region and traveled straight into the tip of his burning cock. His body jumped and twitched like he was hit with a thousand volts of electricity. He sucked in a gust of air and arched his back. It pressed his balls further into the pointed stiletto, and a wave of white heat passed through him. Hot liquid shot from his cock onto his stomach, onto the rug, and onto Alyssa’s boot. When his vision cleared enough to focus, and his body finally stopped convulsing from exquisite pleasure, Alyssa stood over him.

  She had a satisfied smile on her gorgeous, plump, burgundy lips. Her breasts stood proud, while her erect nipples zeroed in on him like two torpedoes. A chunk of her long, black hair trickled over her shoulder and flanked one breast. One hand was on her hip, while the other hung at her side. The stiletto that delivered the painstaking pleasure was teetering on his inner thigh, sending another bout of tingles into his crotch.

  She looked like she conquered a mountain, and by the size of his erection, she did. It was engorged and stood tall, even though it had just relieved itself over the immediate surroundings.

  “You enjoyed that.” It wasn’t a question. It was a statement, affirming his reaction, and she owned the self-righteous smile that she wore.

  He closed his eyes and exhaled. His smile was chiseled into his cheeks. Too blissful to move, he stretched his arms up toward her. “Get over here so I can kiss you.”

  She clasped her fingers through his and used his hands for support. She stepped onto his thigh with one boot, then climbed onto the other. Most of her weight was on the front part of her soles, and on his hands, but the stilettos dug into his legs. She stood steady and took a tentative step with one foot onto his abdomen.

  “Too much?” She checked to make sure she wasn’t hurting him.

  “Never too much. It’s perfect.” He had envisioned those boots walking across his chest all night, and here she was using his abs like a ladder. Each step made him grunt and his dick grew harder. He was ready to come again, but he held out. He wanted to be inside her the next time he released himself.

  When she got to his chest, she stepped off of him and placed one foot on either side of his torso. She teased his nipple, inverting it with the heel of her boot.

  “You’re driving me crazy, Alyssa. C’mere.”

  He tried to sit up, but she pushed him down with her boot and pinned him to the floor. “You’re not getting up until I’m done.” She placed one boot on the rug next to his right ear, and followed with the other by his left. She looked straight ahead while Damien looked up into the wet crevice between her legs. Her thighs were spread wide, and the folds of her skin were slightly separated. He could see inside her body and wetness glistened down at him. He opened his mouth and stretched his tongue out, begging for a taste, and she obliged by lowering herself onto her knees and straddled his face.

  Her body was hot and already juicy when his tongue took its first swipe. He curled his arms around her thighs and guided her hips so she was in perfect alignment. Although she was on top, he controlled her movement from the bottom. It was his turn to be in charge, and he sucked and licked her into a frenzy. Her hands were perched on her thighs, and her hair was a wild mess from flinging her head back and forth. She let out deep raspy grunts as she heaved heavy breaths.

  He held her captive by the thighs and pulled her hips backwards and forwards across his mouth. He probed her opening, and he sucked out her nectar like sweet ambrosia. His tongue latched onto her clit and prodded it back and forth, up and down, and around in a circle. He couldn’t see her face anymore. It was lost in a spray of her hair. She fell forward onto the palms of her hands with a long drawn out moan. Wetness flooded Damien’s mouth and chin, and he lapped it up. Her body went limp and threatened to smother him. What a way to die.

  She slowly righted herself and sat back on the mounds of his chest. She squeezed his cheeks between her hands and smiled down at him. “You’ve been a really good boy tonight.”

  He abruptly sat up. Surprised at the sudden movement, she hung onto his neck with both hands to prevent from falling, but slid down and landed in his lap. He wrapped his arms around her back, stood up and tossed her onto the bed.

  She landed with a bounce and threw her head back and laughed. “What are you doing?”
  He found his jeans on the floor and produced a condom from his wallet. “You didn’t think we were done, did you?”

  “No.” She extended her hand to him, inviting him into the bed.

  Damien kissed her palm, then threw her hand aside. In one leap of his long legs, he landed on top of her and pressed his lips to her neck. The perfume that bathed her body was a rich mix of exotic flowers. Her hair was fanned out on the bed creating a luxurious black blanket over the charcoal-colored bedding. He moved his mouth to her lips. They were like a delicious poison. One taste and he was intoxicated – addicted – and they held him under their spell.

  She pushed against his chest and rolled him over so she was on top. He loved her aggression. Her mouth clamped down on his nipple, biting a mouthful of tender flesh. Surprise made Damien jump, but it was the mild pain that heightened his arousal. She moved her mouth lower, while her fingernails dug into his flesh and scratched their way across his chest and down his abs. Her nails dug into him and left angry red marks on his flesh like a beautiful erotic road map. Her teeth sunk into his inner thigh before she grabbed his cock. Hand over hand, she scratched at his shaft like a cat. It made his balls rise up and his breath catch in his throat. The incredible sensations made him cry out for more. Every nerve ending in his body was standing on end. He was over sensitized. Every time she touched him, a current of excitement ran through him. He never felt so alive. He responded to her touch with familiarity, yet it was brand new. She knew what he liked and how he liked to be touched. She set his body on fire, and she consumed him.

  Her tongue teased his cock with the metal piercing. The stud tapped against the sensitive underside of the head, and he shuddered. Her mouth, and that glorious tongue with its brilliant metal stud, lay a relentless attack on his cock. He was ready to burst. He clawed at his forehead and bit his lower lip while he struggled to maintain control. His mind was conflicted between succumbing to the burning pleasure reverberating through his lower half, or holding out for the grand finale. He made his decision. He jolted forward and grabbed her by the shoulders. She momentarily jumped from surprise, then let out a provocative laugh. He pulled her up from between his legs, rolled her onto the bed and pinned her to the mattress. His mouth covered hers in a hard kiss. She kissed him back with equal passion and dug her nails into his back. She wrapped her legs around his waist and gyrated her pelvis into him. She was an animal.


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