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by Jenna Galicki

  The bass was a bigger, heavier instrument. It produced deep notes that hung in the room. Damien turned up the volume and chased Tommy to the other side of the stage. It was so comical that Damien threw his head back and laughed. It was probably the first time he ever laughed on stage, but he was on such a natural high that he couldn’t help himself. He ran the length of the stage, then backed up to the drum riser. He pulled his bass over his head, tucked it on the stand, and ran full speed ahead. He jumped off the end of the stage and into the crowd below with his arms spread wide. He soared over the heads of the people in the first few rows. It was exhilarating, uninhibited, and free. He landed on a sea of hands that flipped him onto his back, carried him through the crowd, and deposited him back at the front of the stage.

  The last song of the night was always a mixture of high and low. It was a point where Damien’s adrenaline peaked, but his heart was heavy that the night was almost over. The streamers went off and confetti filled the arena. Balloons dropped by the dozens. The fans cheered and stomped their feet creating a rumble beneath the stage. Pyrotechnics went off with a loud boom, and a burst of flames lit up a giant form behind the stage that spelled out Immortal Angel. Tommy flinched at the rush of heat. Heaven forbid he singed the golden locks. It made Damien roll with laughter.

  Angel sang the last note and stopped to stare into the audience. “You fucking ROCK, Brooklyn! Thank you for a being a kick-ass audience! Goodnight!”

  Damien gave the audience one last sweep with his eyes. They roared back at him. He put his fist to his chest, then extended his arm toward the audience forming a peace sign with his two fingers. His town. His people. His band. He never thought he’d be living his life at the top.

  With his beloved Rickenbacker slung over one shoulder by its black leather strap, which bore the band’s name in studs, he ran off stage. He was still fueled by adrenaline and on an octane high. He was on top of the world looking down at his dreams and accomplishments in life. It was surreal and intoxicating! Alyssa was waiting in the wings applauding the show and smiling with the same joy Damien felt in his heart. Without missing a step, he tossed an arm over her shoulder, squeezed a kiss onto her cheek and headed back stage with her in tow.

  There was an after party already underway. It was overflowing with food and drinks. Drenched in sweat from the energetic performance and stinking like they hadn’t bathed in a week, the band was too amped to delay partaking of the festivities by bothering with a shower.

  Within seconds the room was filled with people – mostly industry people whom Damien only recognized by face. Through the scores of people, Jimmy, Angel, Tommy, Jessi, Damien and Alyssa all found one another and convened in a group hug. Their combined exuberance could have set the room on fire.

  Jimmy was brandishing a pair of drumsticks – they seemed to regenerate in his hands at all times. He lifted his knee and used it like a snare, pounding a quick round of beats into the denim of his jeans. “That show was killer, man! I could’ve played for another two hours!”

  Tommy gathered his hair to the side in a long ponytail and was fanning himself with it. “When you jumped into the audience, Damien, I almost lost it!” He laughed and held up one hand for a high five. “For over two years, I’ve been baiting you with my guitar riffs, and you’ve been chasing me away. Then you do something crazy like that – too fucking cool!”

  Angel was wiping his forehead and neck with a hand towel, still trying to catch his breath after delivering commanding vocals for the last ninety minutes. “That was beyond my expectations.” He smiled at Tommy. “We had so much fun out there tonight, mi amor.”

  Jessi grabbed a tray of filled champagne glasses and handed them out. She gave Damien and Alyssa each a glass of diet soda. “You blew up social media. I couldn’t keep up with the feed. Fans were posting photos and video clips all night long. I think someone even live streamed it. It was a fantastic show!”

  Too overwhelmed to speak, Damien took it all in – the fame, the fans, the luxuries, and Immortal Angel just played an incredible show to a sold out crowd at Barclays Center. Un-fucking-believable.

  Marissa strolled over, donning one of her crisp, designer skirt suits, champagne glass in hand. “Congratulations, boys! It was a phenomenal show. That’s why I always back you one hundred percent. I’ve been in this business for a long time, and you’ve gotten yourselves into more trouble than any other band I’ve worked with. You’ve pushed me to my limit sometimes.” She paused and dead-stared Angel for a few seconds before breaking out into a smile. “But I’ve never had more fun, and I wouldn’t want to work with any other band.” She raised her glass. “To our next journey together!”

  They all looked at each other with a puzzled expression, but Damien was the first to speak up. “What journey?”

  Marissa drained her glass and stepped aside so Audra and Kira could enter their little circle. “I think I’ll let the Abelman girls deliver the news.”

  Audra and Kira could hardly contain their excitement. They exchanged smiles, silently deciding who would speak first. It was Kira. “As you know, I’ve been working behind the scenes at Falcon, learning about record contracts and as a talent scout.” Her energy grew as she went on. “I just accepted a position in the Artists and Repertoire Department.” She took a deep breath of air. “And I’ve been assigned to Immortal Angel! I’m your new A&R rep! I get to oversee the band’s artistic development, and I’ll be working with you when you record your next album. I get to hear Immortal Angel’s music before anyone else and help with the recording process!”

  It was welcomed news to everyone. They wrote their last album while on tour in Europe and their hard-ass manager almost pushed them to the breaking point with his relentless schedule. Damien waited his turn to congratulate Kira. She was as high as he was, still floating on the sails of the show’s success. “This is gonna be real cool, Kira. It’s gonna be fun to work with you.”

  “It’s a dream for me to work with Immortal Angel!” Her eyes went to her sister. “Tell them the rest, Audra.”

  “We still have to finalize dates, but we’re looking at some North American and South American shows in the next few months.”

  “South America!” Angel couldn’t wait for her to finish her announcement. “I’ve always wanted to visit Brazil!” He tucked a strand of hair behind Tommy’s ear. “I can’t wait to get you on the beach again.”

  Tommy’s eyes washed over Angel. “And I can’t wait until the sun turns your beautiful olive skin a deep shade of bronze.” He threw his arm around Jessi. “And you better wear the skimpiest bikini on the planet.”

  “OK,” Jimmy interrupted, “now that you three have your suntans all worked out, can we move on?” He gave Audra a dazzling smile and a bow of his head. “Pardon their rudeness. Please continue.”

  Damien swore he saw Audra blush a little bit.

  “Well,” Audra continued, “Kira isn’t the only one who received a promotion. I’m your new tour manager!” A small round of congratulations started, but Audra interrupted the well wishes. “Wait, there’s more. After the Americas dates are finalized, we’re going to secure some dates in Australia and New Zealand.”

  Damien thought Angel was about to explode. He wrapped his arms around both Tommy and Jessi and squeezed the life out of them, but it was Jimmy who had the most interesting reaction.

  Jimmy’s smile seemed wider than his cheeks could contain, and he was staring at Audra with a very mischievous spark in his eye. “You mean you’re going to be on tour with us?”


  “In North America and South America?”

  “Yes, and Australia and New Zealand. Isn’t it fantastic?”

  Jimmy clasped his sticks together and took a step closer to Audra. “Darlin’, that’s the best news I’ve ever heard.” He took her hands and placed a lingering kiss on her cheek.

  To Damien, it looked a little too friendly and he almost brushed it off, until he saw Angel’s protective eye land o
n Jimmy. It only lasted a few seconds, then Angel went back to his conversation with Tommy and Jessi.

  Damien’s mind floated back to the impending tour. Australia. New Zealand. The dates would bring him to the four corners of the world. The reality of it started to sink in. “I can’t believe it.” He turned to Alyssa, “We’re going to—”

  Her face was pale and her eyes were wide with fear. “I’m not sitting on a plane for 20 hours, Damien. We went through this when you went to Asia. I’m not comfortable on a plane. I barely dealt with the flight to Europe. I can’t do it. I’m sorry.”

  He huffed an exasperated sigh. She wasn’t stubborn about many things, but she was unyielding when it came to flying. “Again with this, Alyssa? I’m not going away without you.”

  She was flustered and uptight. “I’m sorry. I want to, but I know how I get on the plane. I won’t—”

  “Yes. You will.” Jessi looped her arm through Alyssa’s. “Don’t you remember what happened last time we stayed home? Suck it up, my friend. We’re all going to the South Pacific.”


  Coming Fall 2015:

  Radical Rock Stars, Book Four

  Jimmy Wilder has the sex life every rock star dreams about. The notorious playboy of America’s number one punk rock band can have any woman he wants, except the one who holds his heart. This bad boy needs to curb his sinful ways before she’ll show any interest in him, but there’s one more problem – she’s the boss’s daughter.

  Audra Abelman, heir to one of the most powerful record labels in the country, just landed her dream job as tour manager for her favorite band. She’s been Immortal Angel’s number one groupie for years, and she’s been privy to the out-of-control lifestyle of their radical drummer. Trapped on a tour bus with the charismatic Jimmy Wilder, she falls victim to his irresistible charm, but she refuses to compromise her ethics. He needs to get his life together before she’ll give him a second glance, but a bigger obstacle stands in their way – her father.

  About the Author

  Jenna Galicki

  Author of Adult Contemporary Romance

  Jenna Galicki is a strong advocate for LGBT rights and marriage equality. She volunteers with God’s Love We Deliver, delivering meals to people with HIV and AIDS and other life threatening illnesses. She actively raises money and participates in AIDS Walk New York and is a proud sponsor of Children International.

  She lives in Long Island, NY with her husband and two dogs. She’s a Rottweiler enthusiast and an avid music buff. Elaborate stories and fictional characters are her constant companions. When she’s not hunched over a computer, you can find her front row at a rock concert.

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