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Her Bodyguard Her Bodyguard

by Sabrina Paige

Genre: Young Adult

Published: 2017

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MaxI protect royals – I don\'t screw them.I definitely don\'t screw spoiled, rich, out-of-control brats like Princess Alexandra. She\'s a walking disaster, a whirlwind of public scandal and bad behavior.She\'s smart-mouthed, argumentative, and doesn\'t do a damned thing I say.And the idea of throwing her over my shoulder like a caveman makes my blood run hot.She\'s the ultimate in forbidden – bodyguards don\'t touch princesses. I could lose everything.But this is one princess I\'ll bring to her knees.AlexMy bodyguard is a royal a**.He\'s ridiculously arrogant, completely insufferable, and always plays by the rules.B-o-r-i-n-g. I definitely don\'t do boring.If there\'s one thing I can\'t stand, it\'s someone telling me what to do. Yet the idea of him turning me over his knee makes me wet.Princesses don\'t hook up with their bodyguards – it\'s the ultimate transgression.And they definitely don\'t fall in love.

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