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Etruscan Blood Etruscan Blood

by AM Kirkby

Genre: Other

Published: 2015

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A boy slave who becomes general and then a king. A princess who leaves home with her husband to win a new city and found her own dynasty. The rule of the Etruscan kings of Rome. War and politics, vengeful gods and vindictive ghosts, passion and hatred, and above all, blood.The Etruscan civilisation still dominates the centre of Italy, but things are changing. Trade with Greece brings new ideas, while the recently founded city of Rome may be poor and lawless but offers a chance for the ambitious to make their names and their fortune. Thanchvil, though a member of the royal house of Tarchna, takes that chance with her husband the half-Greek, half-Etruscan Lauchme, and soon they gain the old king's favour. Can they take power? And can they keep it?

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