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Bransford of Rainbow Range Bransford of Rainbow Range

by Eugene Manlove Rhodes

Genre: Western

Published: 2010

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• Two classic westerns are in this Kindle eBook: Bransford of Rainbow Range & The Copper Streak TrailBransford of Rainbow RangeJeff Bransford is being hunted by lawmen for a bank robbery and bloody shooting of a night watchman, but he\'s innocent of both crimes. His alibi is a pretty, young woman but he is torn between wanting to prove his innocence and protecting her reputation as their meeting was unchaperoned. Bransford is arrested and pleads not guilty, but without revealing where he was at the time he has little chance of clearing his name. What\'s man to do? He makes a dramatic escape – leaping through a window of the courthouse, stealing a horse and galloping out of town before a posse can set out to hunt him down. He tries to hide as a prospector but will his ruse work? And what about that pretty, young woman? The Copper Streak TrailA good-humored old boy named Pete Johnson and young Stanley Mitchell are hoping to develop a copper mine but claim jumpers have other ideas. Stan is framed for a crime, and Pete heads back east to search for the truth. This is an old-fashioned western and an adventurous book about a treasure hunt.About The AuthorNebraska-born Eugene Manlove Rhodes (1869–1934) was nicknamed the "cowboy chronicler" for his lively Wild West cowboy books. He moved to New Mexico in 1881 and by 16 he was an accomplished horseman and road builder. Rhodes read voraciously and was mostly self-educated. He later studied at the University of Pacific in California and wrote for the college newspaper. He married and moved to Apalachin, New York where he published seven novels. He returned to New Mexico with his wife and they lived in Santa Fe and Alamogordo. In 1930, Rhodes\'s health was failing and he moved to Pacific Beach, California. He was buried in the San Andres Mountains.

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