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Golden Age of Science Fiction Vol IX Golden Age of Science Fiction Vol IX

by Various

Genre: Humorous

Published: 2010

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roduct Description This Halcyon Classics ebook collection contains fifty science fiction short stories and novellas by more than forty different authors. Most of the stories in this collection were published during the heyday of popular science fiction magazines from the 1930s to the 1960s.Included within this work are stories by H. Beam Piper, Murray Leinster, Poul Anderson, Mack Reynolds, Randall Garrett, Robert Sheckley, Stanley Weinbaum, Alan Nourse, Harl Vincent, and many others. This collection is DRM free and includes an active table of contents for easy navigation.Contents:INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTIONBy Poul AndersonTHE MIND MASTERby Arthur J. BurksTHE ULTIMATE WEAPONby John Wood CampbellTO REMEMBER CHARLIE BYBy Roger DeeLET 'EM BREATHE SPACE!By Lester Del ReyTHE DEMI-URGEBy Thomas M. DischPHARAOH'S BROKERBy Ellsworth DouglassTHE MAN WHO STAKED THE STARSBy Charles DyeTHE TALKATIVE TREEBy H. B. FyfeCUM GRANO SALISBy Randall GarrettTHE DARK WORLDBy Henry KuttnerTHE INVADERSBy Murray LeinsterTHE SOLAR MAGNETBy S. P. MeekTHE COFFIN CUREby Alan E. NourseTHE DARK DOORBy Alan E. NourseNAUDSONCBy H. Beam PiperOMNILINGUALBy H. Beam PiperDANGERby Fletcher Pratt and Irvin LesterMR. CHIPFELLOW'S JACKPOTby Dick PurcellTHE GREEN BeRETBy Tom PurdomA FILBERT IS A NUTBy Rick RaphaelMEDAL OF HONORBy Mack ReynoldsMERCENARYBy Mack ReynoldsTHE DEATH-CLOUDBy Nat Schachner and Arthur L. ZagatWATCH THE SKYby James H. SchmitzDEATH WISHBy Robert SheckleyWARRIOR RACEBy Robert SheckleyTWO PLUS TWO MAKES CRAZYBy Walt SheldonTHE SUCCESS MACHINEBy Henry SlesarHELPFULLY YOURSBy Evelyn E. SmithNARAKAN RIFLES, ABOUT FACE!By Jan SmithSTOP LOOK AnD DIGBy George O. SmithTHE VENUS TRAPBy Evelyn E. SmithTHE HOUSE FROM NOWHEREby Arthur G. StanglandINSIDE JOHN BARTHBy William W. StuartTHE JUNKMAKERSBy Albert TeichnerHIGH DRAGON BUMPBy Don ThompsonLARSON'S LUCKBy Gerald VanceMARTIAN V. F. W.By G. L. VandenburgSILVER DOMEBy Harl VincentSTRANGE ALLIANCEBy Bryce WaltonTHE IDEALBy Stanley G. WeinbaumThe RISK PROFESSIONBy Donald E. WestlakeTO MARS VIA THE MOONBy Mark WicksTHE INHABITEDBy Richard WilsonTHE VERY SECRET AGENTBy Mari WolfTHE GHOST WORLDBy Sewell Peaslee WrightNO MOVING PARTSBy Murray F. YacoTHE LANSON SCREENBy Arthur Leo Zagat

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