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No Ordinary Time No Ordinary Time

by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Genre: Nonfiction

Published: 1994

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Winner of the Pulitzer for History, No Ordinary Time is a chronicle of one of the most vibrant & revolutionary periods in US history. With an extraordinary collection of details, Goodwin weaves together a number of story lines—the Roosevelt’s marriage & partnership, Eleanor’s life as First Lady, & FDR’s White House & its impact on America as well as on a world at war. Goodwin melds these into an intimate portrait of Eleanor & Franklin Roosevelt & of the time during which a new, modern America was born.
"The decisive hour has come"
"A few nice boys with BB guns"
"Back to the Hudson"
"Living here is very oppressive"
"No ordinary time"
"I am a juggler"
"I can't do anything about her"
"Arsenal of democracy"
"Business as usual"
"A great hour to live"
"A completely changed world"
"Two little boys playing soldier"
"What can we do to help?"
"By god, if it ain't Old Frank!"
"We are striking back"
"The greatest man I have ever known"
"It is blood on your hands"
"It was a sight I will never forget"
"I want to sleep and sleep"
"Suspended in space"
"The old master still had it"
"So darned busy"
"It is good to be home"
"Everybody is crying"
"A new country is being born"

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