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Out of the Ashes Out of the Ashes

by William W. Johnstone

Genre: Western

Published: 2015

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Come And Take ItThe worst-case scenario has come to pass: a nuclear strike has crippled America. Gangs, looters, and vandals have seized the streets. The decent few can only pray for a leader to protect them. Luckily, one of the survivors is Ben Raines.Rebel mercenary, retired soldier, and tireless patriot, Raines is searching for his missing family in the aftermath of this devastating war. His relentless pursuit through the ruined cities of the west unites him with the civilians of the Resistance forces. They become his recruits for a revolutionary army dedicated to rebuilding America. Then comes the final outrage: an armed attack by government forces. With the fate of America's New Patriots hanging in the balance, Raines vows--government be damned--to survive, find his family, and lead this once great nation out of the ashes.

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