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When Forever Changes When Forever Changes

by Siobhan Davis

Genre: Other5

Published: 2018

Series: Forever Love

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**From the *USA Today* bestselling author of *Inseparable* comes another emotional, angsty, friends-to-lovers, second-chance romance. STANDALONE title. **


**#1 New Adult & College Romance Bestseller**

** *Gabby **** *

Looking back, I should have seen the signs. Perhaps I did, but I subconsciously chose to ignore them.

From the time I was ten, when I first met Dylan, I knew he was my forever guy. Back then, I couldn’t put words to what I was feeling, but, as the years progressed, I came to recognize it for what it was—soul-deep love. The kind only very few people ever get to experience.

Dylan was more than just my best friend, my childhood sweetheart, my lover. He was my soul mate. We were carved from the same whole—destined to be together forever.

Until he changed.

And I believed I was no longer good enough.

Until he shattered me so completely, it felt like I ceased to exist.

And I’d never experienced such heart-crushing pain.

Until he leveled me a second time, and I truly wanted to die.

But I had to stay strong because I wasn’t alone in this cruel twist of fate.

I look to the sky, pleading with the stars, begging someone to tell me what I should do because I don’t know how to deal with this. I don’t know how to cope when my forever has changed, and I can’t help wondering if I had seen the signs earlier, if I’d pushed him, would it have been enough to save us?

Or had fate already decided to alter our forever?

*Due to mature content and potential triggers this book is only recommended to readers over the age of eighteen. This is the first book in a duet, although both books can be read as standalone romances as they focus on different couples.*


### Review

** **
"Five stars doesn't do this book justice. It deserves a hundred stars. Wow! One of Siobhan Davis's best work to date." ***S.B.Alexander, bestselling author of The Maxwell Series***

******"A heartwarming story about love, life, and loss that draws you in and doesn't let you go." ***Amy Sparling, bestselling author of Ella's Twisted Senior Year***

* * *

"This book made me laugh, cry, and everything in between. I loved it!"***L.A. Cotton, author of the Wicked Bay series***

* * *

***"***Wow... just heart stopping, tears flowing wow! Amazing writing, a beautiful story, and characters that will blow you away!" ***Words We Love By ***
*** ***
"I am completely and utterly lost for words; this book has destroyed me in the best possible way." ***Seraphim Book Reviews ***
*** ***
"By far the best book I have read this year. Holy smokes, it left me saying what did I just read. WOW." ***Once Upon a Romance Blog***
*** ***
"I'm not sure anything I say about it will convey just how damn good this book really is!" ***Under Covers Book Blog ***
*** ***
"It's intense, powerful, heart-wrenchingly beautiful. If you enjoy a book that makes you feel every last drop of emotion this is a must-read." ***Jennifer. Goodreads reviewer***
*** ***
***"***I cried, I laughed, I felt hope, I felt loss, I felt my heart shredded, then I cried ... whew! What a story." ***Christine. Goodreads reviewer***
*** ***
"Wow, if I could give this book 10 stars I would. This story was amazing and heartbreaking and so hot. Loved it!" ***Sinead. Goodreads reviewer***
*** ***
**"**Siobhan** **is the **RULER **of **ANGST,** I didn't expect anything less. She **NEVER **disappoints me." ***Terri Lynn. Goodreads reviewer ***
*** ***
***"***There are not enough words to explain how much I have thoroughly loved this book. It's so heartfelt." ***Theresa. Goodreads reviewer*** 

***"***I was emotionally floored by this beautiful and touching story. Ms. Davis went a step above her greatness with this one!!!!" ***Jacquelyn. Goodreads reviewer***
*** ***
***"***I love the way that her writing gets me all twisted up in knots, wondering what is going to happen next." ***Danielle. Goodreads reviewer***
*** ***
"I absolutely loved this story ... it freaking tore my heart to bits."***Dana. Goodreads reviewer***
*** ***
"A real page turner that I will go back and read time and time again. I love all Siobhan's books, but this is one of my favorites." ***L. Grant. Goodreads reviewer ***
*** ***
"This book was a five star for me. I loved the writing. Loved the characters. Loved the story." ***Lindsey. Goodreads reviewer***
*** ***
***"***...you need to read this book. The storyline is so good, and you can't help but feel all the emotions." ***Amanda. Goodreads reviewer*** 
*** ***
"My favorite standalone by Siobhan Davis so far!!" ***Samantha. Goodreads reviewer *********

### From the Author

**Excerpt - Gabby:**

A throat clearing alerts me to my brother's presence. My eyes fly to the door, and Ryan is there, lounging against the wall, gaze narrowed as he watches us.

"Morning,"I croak, wincing at how hoarse my voice sounds.

"What the hell's going on, Gabby? And why is Slate in your bed?"

"Technically, he's not," I say, unsuccessfully attempting to extricate myself from his grip."He's on *top* of my bed."

At that moment, Slater, very unhelpfully, decides to nuzzle into my neck. A satisfied moan slips from his lips, and he blatantly inhales, rubbing his nose in my hair. "Mmm, you smell good," he murmurs in a sleep-laced tone, pressing his morning wood against my ass. I can't stop the whimper that escapes my mouth in time, and Ryan turns a very unflattering shade of red. If his jaw clenches any tighter, he'll give himself lockjaw.

"This is not what it looks like," I rush to assure him before he loses it. "And nothing happened, so there's no need to go apeshit on Slate."

"Someone better start explaining," Ryan grumbles, and Slater stills behind me, slowly coming to.

"Ryan, dude. Stop freaking out," Slater says after a tense minute of silence, his voice drenched with sleep. "I was only consoling Belle. That's it. No need to look at me like you want to rip my head from my body."

"That's not the only part of your anatomy I'd like to dismantle right now," my brother growls, slanting thunderous looks in Slater's direction.

"Seriously, chill, bro." Slater scoots away from me, and I instantly feel cold. I lie flat on my back as he swings his legs out the other side of the bed. Resting his elbows on his knees, he yawns. Thank God, he's wearing a tank and sweats and that he's hiding the evidence of his arousal until he's gotten himself under control. The last thing I need is Ryan jumping to conclusions.

*Copyright Siobhan Davis 2018*

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