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The Golden Age of Science Fiction Novels Vol 04 The Golden Age of Science Fiction Novels Vol 04

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Published: 2014

Series: Golden Age SF Novels

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akaAstounding Science Fiction Stories: An Anthology of 50 Scifi Novels Volume 4ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION STORIES Volume 4 is a collection of 50 classic scifi novels from the Golden Age of Science Fiction and before. Here you'll find stories by some of the genre's most famous authors, including works by John W. Campbell, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Phillip K. Dick, Harry Harrison, Randall Garrett, Edmond Hamilton, C. M. Kornbluth, Jules Verne, Robert Bloch, Lester del Rey, and many others. contents• THE INTERPLANETARY HUNTER Arthur K. Barnes • ATLANTIDA Pierre Benoit • THE COMING RACE Edward Bulwer-Lytton • THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT Edgar Rice Burroughs • ISLANDS OF SPACE John W. Campbell • IN SEARCH OF THE UNKNOWN Robert W. Chambers • CAPTIVES OF THE FLAME Samuel R. Delany • THE SHORT LIFE Francis Donovan • PHARAOH'S BROKER Ellsworth Douglass • THE LOST WORLD Sir Arthur Conan Doyle • TEN FROM INFINITY Paul W. Fairman • THE BLIND SPOT Austin Hall and Homer Eon Flint • THE REVOLT OF THE STAR MEN Raymond Z. Gallun • ANYTHING YOU CAN DO Randall Garrett • MECCANIA: THE SUPER-STATE, Owen Gregory • A HONEYMOON IN SPACE George Griffith • THE LOST CONTINENT C. J. Cutliffe Hyne • THE YEAR WHEN STARDUST FELL Raymond F. Jones • HUNTERS OUT OF SPACE Joseph E. Kelleam • THE SYNDIC C. M. Kornbluth • SPACE VIKING H. Beam Piper • THE UNDERGROUND CITY Jules Verne • THE WONDERFUL VISIT H. G. Wells • TO MARS VIA THE MOON Mark Wicks • AND THEN THE TOWN TOOK OFF Richard Wilson • FLATLAND Edwin A. Abbott • CAPTAIN GARDINER OF THE INTERNATIONAL POLICE Robert Allen • LOOKING BACKWARD Edward Bellamy • THIS CROWDED EARTH Robert Bloch • MIZORA: A PROPHECY Mary E. Bradley • THE COLORS OF SPACE Marion Zimmer Bradley • THE MIND MASTER Arthur J. Burks • A FIGHTING MAN OF MARS Edgar Rice Burroughs • THE ULTIMATE WEAPON John Wood Campbell • WARLORD OF KOR Terry Carr • EIGHT KEYS TO EDEN Mark Irvin Clifton • THE BEST MADE PLANS Everett B. Cole • THE CRACK OF DOOM Robert Cromie • BEYOND THE VANISHING POINT Raymond King Cummings • THE SKY IS FALLING Lester del Rey • THE JEWELS OF APTOR Samuel R. Delany • THE VARIABLE MAN Philip K. Dick • BROOD OF THE DARK MOON Charles Willard Diffin • PALOS OF THE DOG STAR PACK J. U. Giesy • THE MOUTHPIECE OF ZITU J. U. Giesy • JASON, SON OF JASON J. U. Giesy • SPACE PRISON Tom Godwin • PLANET OF THE DAMNED Harry Harrison • WEST OF THE SUN Edgar Pangborn • MASTERS OF SPACE Edward E. Smith and E. Everett Evans

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