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Golden Age of Science Fiction Vol XII Golden Age of Science Fiction Vol XII

by Various

Genre: Humorous

Published: 2010

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Product Description This Halcyon Classics ebook collection contains fifty science fiction short stories and novellas by more than forty different authors. Most of the stories in this collection were published during the heyday of popular science fiction magazines from the 1930s to the 1960s.Included within this work are stories by H. Beam Piper, Murray Leinster, Randall Garrett, Robert Sheckley, Stanley Weinbaum, Alan Nourse, Terry Carr, Mack Reynolds, Henry Kuttner, Raymond Cummings, and many others. This collection is DRM free and includes an active table of contents for easy navigation.Contents:FLATLANDBy Edwin A. AbbottWORLD OF THE DRONEBy Robert AbernathyTO CHOKE AN OCEANBy J. F. BoneBRIDE OF THE DARK ONEBy Florence Verbell BrownIF AT FIRST YOU DON'T . . . By John BrudyWHAT NEED OF MAN?By Harold CalinWARLORD OF KORBy Terry CarrTHE PEACEMAKERBy Alfred CoppelTHE CARTELS JUNGLEBy Irving E. Cox, Jr.THE WHITE INVADERSBy Raymond King CummingsTHE ETHICAL WAYBy Joseph FarrellATOM DRIVEBy Charles FontenayEVIL OUT OF ONZARBy Mark GanesHANGING BY A THREADBy Randall GarrettIN CASE OF FIREBy THE PLANET WITH NO NIGHTMAREBy Jim HarmonTHE FLOATING ISLAND OF MADNESSBy Jason KirbyTHE EGO MACHINEBy Henry KuttnerTHE GREAT POTLATCH RIOTSBy Allen Kim LangINVASIONBy Murray LeinsterCOLLECTIVUMBy Mike LewisTULANBy C. C. MacAppGAMESBy Katherine MacLeanTHE DEADLY DAUGHTERSBy Winston K. MarksCRIMINAL NEGLIGENCEBy J. Francis McComasGEORGE LOVES GISTLABy James McKimmey, Jr.SMALL WORLDBy William F. NolanTHE NATIVE SOILBy Alan E. NourseAS LONG AS YOU WISHBy John O'KeefeTHE GOOD NEIGHBORSBy Edgar PangbornTHIS ONE PROBLEMBy M. C. PeaseLOST IN THE FUTUREBy John Victor PetersonTEMPLE TROUBLEBy H. Beam PiperTHE ANSWERBy H. Beam PiperTHE KNIGHTS OF ARTHURBy Frederik PohlUNBORN TOMORROWBy Mack ReynoldsSLAVES OF MERCURYBy Nat SchachnerMUTINEERBy Robert J. SheaAN'S POISONBy Robert SheckleySTARMAN'S QUESTBy Robert SilverbergMASTERS OF SPACEBy Edward E. Smith & E. Everett EvansTHE FOURTH RBy George O. SmithTHE ULTROOM ERRORBy Jerry SohlTHE PSILENT PARTNERBy Edward S. Staub and John VictoTHE MAROONERBy Charles A. StearnsTHE MAN WHO ROCKED THE EARTHBy Arthur Train and Robert Williams WoodSJAMBAKBy Jack VanceVALLEY OF DREAMSBy Stanley G. WeinbaumPRIESTESS OF THE FLAMEBy Sewell Peaslee WrightOUT AROUND RIGELBy Robert H. Wilson      

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