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J. J.

by David Brining

Genre: LGBT

Published: 2015

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When journalist Veda Jenkin stumbles across a secret society dedicated to restoring the rightful king of England, she finds herself drawn into another world, of rituals and saints, the Zen Jewish Blues, jazz, mathematical opera, Jacobean theatre, Velcro jumping, Argonauts and argonauts, Jason and JASOn, Bedekeepers and Beadkeepers, and learns that when the Jay comes, the king will be crowned.A Veritable Jackdaw's nest of a book containing secret societies, conspiracies and counter-conspiracies, Jacobites, Inquisitors, artists and dramatists, jays and jackdaws, velcro jumping, Jewish Zen Buddhist blues, mathematical opera, Jacobean theatre, folk and jazz, kings and popes, Jason and JASON, Bedekeepers and Beadkeepers, tarboys and jumbucks, curious ceremonies, arcane rituals, bizarre coincidences, eccentric characters, lots of fascinating but utterly useless information, plenty of ovophiles and the quest to crown a King.

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